Assembly by Aiko – New Farm, QLD

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Upcoming Full Moon Workshops

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– Ibiza or Greek island, summer 2023. Stay tuned for more info…

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Past Events

Full Moon Ceremony – Thursday 28 January, 2021 🌝
Time Zones:
9-11am – NYC
2-4pm – LONDON
3PM-5pm – PARIS
12am midnight-2am Brisbane, Australia (Friday 29th, 2021)

New Moon Ceremony – Sunday 15 November, 2020

  • USA – 7am to 9am est
  • Europe – 12pm to 2pm UK
  • Australia – 10pm to midnight edt QLD 

The seasons will soon shift – Autumn to Winter for our northern hemisphere friends and Spring into Summer for those in the south. To continue to burn and nourish the flame within our souls, keeping us warm through the colder, hibernation months and the time for reflection and inward thought, and ready for activation in the summer months. Let us align, to tap into and expand those sparks within, igniting passion and creativity, and fanning; the nuggets of light we desire to grow. Whether starting the few lines of a novel or writing a song we want you to carve out more space and time for expressing your passions and turning them into “mini-you projects” and projections of true self, dreams and desires. No matter the size, passion projects and fueling the fire within are essential to one’s life.

Join Maison Aiko&Olivia for the monthly New Moon workshop on Sunday 15 November, where we will discover and embrace all sides of creativity, self-expression, passion and carving out space and time for you and these gifts of joy.

The Maison Aiko&Olivia workshops are a multi-sensory experience; we believe in moving and tuning into all aspects of ourselves: mind, body, spirit and emotions within all. We will open up the class with a 45 minute movement sequence led by Aiko. Followed by Olivia’s part of the workshop where we will explore dialogue, knowledge, creative hands-on activities and Quartz crystal sound bath meditation. All aspects of the workshop are centered around the chosen focus; fueling the Fire & Passion 🔥

Every month, Maison Aiko&Olivia choose a foundation to work with, and this month we have chosen Guitars Not Guns, an inspiring foundation that not only is centered around healing through the power of music.

Sign up here and timezones below:

  • USA – 7am to 8am est
  • Europe – 12pm to 2pm UK
  • Australia – 10pm to midnight edt QLD 

Last week we had the Autumn Equinox and oh my, were we feeling it! There are massive shifts occurring as we move into the new season.We would love to invite you to our upcoming Harvest Full Moon 🌱 workshop this week, depending on your region: 

  • USA – 6.30pm to 8.30pm est // Thursday 1 October
  • Europe – 12.30am to 2.30am FR // Friday 2 October
  • Australia – 8.30am to 10.30am edt // Friday 2 October 

This month, the theme is understanding the harmony between ‘Giving and Receiving’ – for this week’s Harvest moon we will focus on ‘Receiving’ and for the New Moon on October 16th we will focus on ‘Giving’. 
Sign-up here! ✨

“He smiles upon the earth. It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding; And to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving.” – Kahlil Gibran 

The foundation we have partnered with for the month is inspiring on so many levels; we are helping the forest fires in California and the ex-inmates who put them out. Take a peek at Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program.  

– Europe – 10am FR // Saturday 17 October // new moon 🌚
– Australia – 6pm edt // Saturday 17 October // new moon 🌚

Deepen your connection with Intuition // Find peace in your decisions
Decipher Ego vs Spirit // And learn to trust yourself

The Maison Aiko&Olivia Full Moon workshop on July 5 (northern hemisphere) / July 6 (southern hemisphere) will be unlock intuition and show you how to embrace it. Sign up here.

The Maison Aiko&Olivia workshops are multi-sensory; we open the class with a 45minute Yoga/movement sequence led by moi. Followed by Olivia’s imparting of knowledge on our topic focus INTUITION, creative hands-on activity and Quartz crystal sound bath meditation.

Every month, Maison Aiko&Olivia choose a foundation to work with, and this month we have chosen Project Hope and their program that supports the humanitarian crisis happening in Yemen.

Our Full & New Moon workshops are donation-based and 50% of the donations received go to the chosen foundation.

The Maison is all about guiding you towards healing and alignment.

Time Zones:
10PM-Midnight FR
6AM-8AM Australia (Monday 6 July)

Sign up here


When: Wednesday 6 May, 2020
Time: 8am to 10am EDT Australia

When: Thursday 7 May, 2020
Time: 11am to 1pm EST USA // 4pm to 6pm UK // 5pm to 7pm IT

About: During this workshop we will open with yoga meets dance with me (Aiko) to move the body’s energy and open your Sacral – the second chakra (represented by the element of water). We will then dive into the power of letting go, and going with the flow with Olivia where she will offer hands-on activities, knowledge, breath-work and other creative sequences to guide you to staying in the present moment and being able to loosen your reigns on life. The workshop will close with a quartz sound bowl and reiki infused meditation guided by Olivia.

Where: Online via Zoom (emailed after sign-up). Sign-up here.
This workshop is donation based and 50% will go towards the The Water Project

When: this Wednesday 22 April
Time: 11am to 1pm EST
Structure: First hour will be yoga with moi followed by an hour of quartz crystal sound meditation care of my dear reiki healer Olivia ✨ Stay for as long or as short as you wish 🌸
Where: Online via Zoom
You may let me know directly if you would like to join or sign-up here. This workshop is donation based and 50% will go towards the Planting A Billion Trees Program

NEW MOON 22 MAY, 2020 🌚
Maison Aiko&Olivia continues to work with the power of the moon’s cycles and invites you to celebrate the New Moon, Friday 22 May. Be guided on how to better tune into the divine feeling of freedom and release, in order to grasp and maintain a deep inner peace. As we navigate the new world and the uncertainties it holds, this vibration and calming energy are needed more than ever. Sign-up here.

We will commence with a 45min flow that interweaves yoga, movement and physical awakening led by moi, followed by a New Moon knowledge share, hands-on activity and imparting of wisdom from Olivia. Olivia will close the workshop with a quartz crystal sound bath meditation, infused with Reiki. The Maison sessions impact mind, body and spirit, to give a holistic healing journey and multi-sensory experience.

A major element of the Maison mission is responsible action. Half of your contribution to the workshop extends to supporting a non-profit. Each month we dedicate to a different cause and for May, we will be supporting The Water Project – an incredible organisation striving to supply clean water to those in need around the world.

Where: Zoom group (link emailed morning of the workshop)
Duration: 2 hours
– 8am to 10am – LA, USA
– 11am to 1pm – NY, USA
– 4pm to 6pm – UK
– 5pm to 7pm – France
Link to sign up